Our professional therapeutic clowns tour elementary schools offering workshops on emotions.

Our idea is to contribute to the well-being of children and to equip them to become aware of their emotions so they can express them in a healthy way…through fun and clown! It’s always a great success and we regularly see small miracles!

Children leave with a professional clown’s red nose, which they are encouraged to use as a “safe-space” at home or at school. We know that kids sometimes need somewhere to take emotional refuge to protect themselves from their environment (which sometimes can be violent, difficult, strewn with pitfalls, etc.) and, of course, to help them become aware of their emotions and manage them.

Each group also comes out with a “duty”: find an idea to mobilize and spread smiles among the residents of a long term care facility (or other establishment) near the school.

This is a different and effective way to contribute to the mental health of young people, while helping us fund our humanitarian projects and our free visits to long term care facilities.

We also have a formula adapted for secondary schools, more in the exchange and discussions on mental health and anxiety, in order to break taboos.

To invite us to offer workshops on emotions in your school or community: fun@caravanephilanthrope.com

Available everywhere in Quebec!