Solidarity Squad

Squad of artist-workers mobilized in areas frequented by marginalized, isolated and/or homeless people. A method specific to Caravane Philanthrope, which uses the circus as a lever for intervention and an accelerator for the creation of links.

Our Solidarity Squad

Since 2021, our Solidarity Squad has been mandated by the cities of Trois-Rivières and Quebec to reach marginalized, isolated and/or homeless people.

L’Escouade is regularly mobilized in various sites identified by the cities (for example Victoria Park in Trois-Rivières and the parvis of the St-Roch Church in Quebec City) to be frequented by marginalized people.

The circus not only allows us to spread smiles and break the isolation, but also serves as an extraordinary pretext to create a link with the people reached and this at a surprising speed. This allows us to offer moments of listening and human warmth, but also to refer certain people to organizations or services that can meet their needs.