Salvador February 28, 2020 – Report of our artists Vanessa Kneales and Felix Tessier Imbault   A month after our return to Quebec, we have both feet back in our northern reality. We’ve calmly resumed our daily routine, although, the smiles of our Salvadoran partners and friends remain alive in our spirits.   Our 2 weeks in Suchitoto were, although very short, wonderful for us and for the young people. Our days were filled with small daily victories on many levels. We collaborated and forged close links with local organizations such as La Plataforma and El Patronato. We also supported the efforts of our local partner Estela Abrego, who gives body and soul every day to keep young people connected and interested in their cultures and origins.   It is thanks to these partners that we were able, accompanied by a local guide, to discover the local landscape and in turn, to offer shows to schools where so few artists are present. After our shows, we left much of the circus equipment so our impact would continue. (Big thanks to the donors!)   For our part, we left with a ton of smiles and an experience that made us grow not only as clowns, but as human beings.   In short, we were able to see direct repercussions of our visit on several levels and we are already thinking about our next visit: more time on site, to be better prepared, bring more resources and hopefully even more partners. We still have a lot of work to do, but when we see the positive impacts of our presence there, it is obvious that the game is worth the effort and that all the fruits of our energy multiplies!   Our little clown feet have grown up well during this experience and for now, although bundled up in winter boots, we are slowly but surely preparing them for our next visit to this incredible country. Don’t worry, we’ll keep you posted!   Clownily yours, Felix and Vanessa   P.S. We (the Caravane team) can’t say it enough… THANK YOU to all our supporters – for your encouragement, your help and your donations!! Without you, projects like Felix and Vanessa’s in El Salvador would be impossible. xxx

clown qui se fait tirer oreille