Humanitarian Clown

Artistic practice generally voluntary, in a context of humanitarian crisis or international cooperation, in the service of projects that contribute to the well-being of individuals or marginalized populations.


2022 – Tijuana (Mexico) – Refugee camps

2020 – Samos (Greece) – Refugee camps

2020 – El Salvador – Street children / isolated communities

2020 – Thailand/Burma – Refugee Camps

2019 – Samos (Greece) – Refugee camps

Our humanitarian projects

Before the pandemic, we had humanitarian projects planned in a multitude of countries (Lebanon, Nepal, Greece, El Salvador, Colombia, Thailand, etc.) and in collaboration with different organizations (The Flying Seagull Project, Spark Circus, Collectif Ilwit, Clown One Italy).

​In March 2020, we had to urgently repatriate artists and cancel all of our international projects. We took advantage of these 2 years of break to ask ourselves questions about our way of carrying out humanitarian projects and decided to adopt a more responsible, sustainable and local approach.

​This is why, in May 2022, we decided to offer a first tour of shows in the refugee camps closest to Quebec; in Mexico, bordering the United States. This is a humanitarian crisis just as important as the other complex and difficult realities that we have experienced elsewhere in the world… but this time right next to us! No more numerous plane flights, we can go there by land, which is more ecological and economical.

Our goal is to concentrate our activities there, in order to be active there several times a year and to develop long-term partnerships with local artists and organizations. We believe that this is the best approach in order to have an optimal and lasting impact, and to take root in the daily lives of children living in these refugee camps.