Play is Essential

John is a multi-disciplinary artist who comes from the mysterious lands of Ottawa. It was here where, at the age of 3, he practiced making the faces in the mirror that ended up making him the clown he is today. When he was 12 he achieved a prestigious blue belt in Karate, and when he was 14 he won best dressed in his Elementary School. Very noble achievements indeed. John now loves music, magic, and the science behind what makes us into the most beautiful and creative humans we can be.


This presentation is a deep dive into the wonderful benefits of play and a gentle encouragement to embrace our more playful side. It is a mix of compelling anecdotes from John’s work and concrete peer-reviewed analysis. We will look at both short- and long-term effects of unstructured play in children. With this presentation, John hopes to convince us to be more playful in our daily lives. By doing so, we give license to those around us to also be more playful – a healthy addition to any workplace or lifestyle. As play is a crucial building block to healthy development, it’s imperative that we allow each other to be more playful. And while play is having fun for the sake of itself, it has the wonderful benefit of helping us stay fit both mentally and physically.


This presentation is only offered in English for now.