How Do You Keep Smiling?

Guillaume presents himself as one of the happiest people he’s met in his life – but this hasn’t always been the case. For a long time, he was living with deep sadness. In this presentation he highlights the many hurdles he had to overcome to fully answer his calling. The presentation begins with his childhood and teen years, when school was his biggest challenge. He recalls his problems with mental health and bullying and explains how he overcame them.

For 20 years, almost everyone tried to discourage him from becoming a humanitarian clown; teachers, friends, family, etc. Despite it all, he kept moving forward, hanging on to his dream. After endless trials and errors, he was finally able to build the career and the life he wanted. Defeat is a part of success. Perseverance is a group endeavor. Knowing our limits and asking for help is the key to victory and happiness.