15 Years a Humanitarian

After about 15 years of humanitarian work visiting 40 countries, Guillaume has a lot to say! He has met with an incredible number of fantastic people and has been confronted with countless challenging realities. In this presentation he will share stories in his own dynamic and authentic style. Sometimes it’s funny and other times overwhelming, but always remains deeply human.

He will take the time to present some of the social injustices and situations currently taking place on our planet. More than anything though, his goal is that you are encouraged to be kind in your daily life, so that you are inspired to have a positive effect on the world around you, simply for the sake of happiness.

This presentation has been delivered hundreds of times in about ten countries.

“Students and teachers alike are still feeling warm inside by attending this touching, sincere, laughter-filled conference. We lived a magical moment!”

– Marlène Dubois, Les Seigneuries Secondary School

“He was so inspiring, I will never forget him. He’s so passionate about giving joy to everyone around him, but especially to those who really need it; refugees, orphans, sick children, etc. We need more people like you, Guillaume, your presentation gave me confidence and I’m now more motivated than ever to reach my dream. Thank you so much!”

– Camille, 4th grade