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In short

The Caravane Philanthrope is a collective of humanitarian artists closely connected to the communities we work with. Our simple goal is to change the world one smile at a time. Our organization, based in Québec, is composed mostly of Québecois artists but also includes members from across Canada and Europe.

Locally, we work with vulnerable children and marginalized communities (homeless persons, hospice residents, First Nations Communities, etc.). Internationally, we travel where we feel we are needed (refugee camps, orphanages, slums, etc.)

We offer many varied projects aimed at supporting  the well-being and fulfillment of individuals and the communities they belong to. We do this through artistic and social endeavors that are mainly composed of social circus and humanitarian clown practices.

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Projects and News

Salvador Project (testimony) Salvador February 28, 2020 – Report of our artists Vanessa Kneales and Felix Tessier Imbault   A...

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A little word from our chief clown dictator (Guillaume Vermette)

It was during a therapeutic clown project in Bolivia, in July 2019, that our dear Marie Veillette and...

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Shows and Entertainment

Our shows and entertainment are delivered by our team of humanitarian artists, who have impressive artistic careers under...

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Since being founded on October 1st, 2019, we’ve implemented many projects aimed at breaking isolation and spreading happiness among vulnerable children and marginalized populations in Quebec (retirement homes, people experiencing homelessness, etc.) and internationally (refugee camps, orphanages, etc.).

We were able to make several humanitarian trips abroad before the Covid-19 pandemic significantly disrupted our activities and forced us to cancel many of our projects. Currently, we have succeeded in adapting our activities in order to get involved locally, while respecting proper health measures and social distancing.





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Media appearances

Guillaume Vermette: Humanitarian Clown Entertaining his Neighbours

April 3, 2020

..the Caravane Philanthrope, with its many artists, brings some light to those who need it the most...
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The barrier of the mask

May 2, 2020

Jérôme Blanchette, born with a deep deafness, had started to visit long-term care facilities before the pandemic.
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Guillaume Vermette: Trader of Smiles

May 2, 2020

Humanitarian clown Guillaume Vermette has made the choice to continue to be involved in putting smiles back on people.
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Ti-Cass: the Clown with the Heart of a Child

May 20, 2020

Obeying all health precautions, Ti-Cass continues to go out and spread happiness!
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Artists in Service of Confined Residents

May 19, 2020

In recent weeks, the Caravane Philanthrope has been performing in front of CHSLDs to break the isolation.
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The Smiling Acrobats

June 11, 2020

...a collective of artists meandering from residence to residence in Quebec, bringing a little well-being to seniors.
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Our shows and animations are offered by our team of professional humanitarian artists, who have impressive artistic careers under their belts! They have performed in the biggest circuses and events around the world. It is therefore a wonderful way to have professional and quality animation on your event, while helping us to finance our humanitarian projects.

Our conferences are sometimes funny, sometimes overwhelming, but always very human! Our speakers can address several topics including; humanitarian travel, benevolence, mental health, the importance of play and the reality of deaf people. Invite our humanitarian artists to inspire the public to show kindness and raise awareness of different important realities, while helping us fund our humanitarian projects.


Workshops on Emotions


Our professional therapeutic clown artists tour elementary schools to offer workshops on emotions. The idea is to contribute to the well-being of children and to equip them to become aware of their emotions and express them in a healthy way...through fun and the clown! It's always a great success and tiny miracles are a frequent occurrence!

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Shows and entertainment

Since the beginning of this pandemic, solitude and emotional distress have been prominent. Our artists have been travelling the province fighting isolation and spreading smiles. Their circus feats and sweet melodies have been appreciated through balconies and windows - a show distanced enough to respect current guidelines, but intimate enough to reach the hearts of our spectators.

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How Do You Keep Smiling?

with Guillaume Vermette

Guillaume presents himself as one of the happiest people he’s met in his life - but this hasn’t always been the case. For a long time, he was living with deep sadness. In this presentation, he highlights the many hurdles he had to overcome to fully answer his calling. The conference begins with his childhood and teen years, when school was his biggest challenge.

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15 Years a Humanitarian

with Guillaume Vermette

After about 15 years of humanitarian work travelling to 40 countries, Guillaume has a lot to say! He has met with so many fantastic people and been confronted with countless challenging realities. In this presentation, he will share his stories in his own very dynamic and authentic style. It’s sometimes funny, other times overwhelming, but always deeply human.

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Play is Essential

with John Shibley

Play is a crucial element of human life. In this presentation, John explores how we currently value play and all of its benefits. Spoiler: it’s not enough! We are challenged to re-frame how we perceive play and encouraged to let it into our daily life.

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Invite us to your place to inspire and spread smiles!

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Our mission

Our mission:

To contribute to the well-being of marginalized populations and strengthen solidarity between communities, through humanitarian and social artistic practices.

Our values:

Right to Dignity – Right to Childhood – Cooperation – Creativity – Inclusiveness

Our goals:

  • Democratize the practices of the humanitarian clown, the therapeutic clown and the social circus.
  • Strengthen the social fabric and solidarity within the community.
  • Break through isolation and combat emotional distress.
  • Offer inclusive and fun spaces.

Allergic to competition, we encourage collaboration with other organizations and initiatives. We are convinced that this is the best way to ensure that our projects bring about real and lasting changes over time.

By taking a partnered approach with other initiatives already mobilized for the cause, and which have developed expertise complementary to ours, we avoid diluting forces and thus maximize resources (financial, human, etc.). We actively work to ensure that our projects have a long-term impact and are continued by people from the communities we work with.

Our values

Right to dignity • Right to childhood • Cooperation • Creativity • Engagement • 
Right to dignity • Right to childhood • Cooperation • Creativity • Engagement •