Play is essential

Play is a crucial element of human life. In this presentation, John explores how we currently value play and all of its benefits. Spoiler: it’s not enough. We are challenged to reframe how we perceive play and encouraged to let it into our daily life. This presentation is intended for adults; not because it’s inappropriate in any way, but because kids haven’t yet forgotten to play and need no reminder of its importance!

John Shibley is a multi-disciplinary artist who comes from the mysterious lands of Ottawa. It was here where, at the age of 3, he practiced making the faces in the mirror that ended up making him the clown he is today. When he was 12 he achieved a prestigious blue belt in Karate, and when he was 14 he won best dressed in his Elementary School. Very noble achievements indeed. John now loves music, magic, and the science behind what makes us into the most beautiful and creative humans we can be.

He completed a BA in Conflict Studies where, instead of focusing on the topics that were given to him, he decided to write about the healthy development of children and how we play. He fully believes that playing is one of the most important things we do as humans and that it contributes to society being vibrant and full of life. His work is focused on crisis situations where the goal is to bring joy, laughter, and a little silliness to places where those things run scarce.

Cette présentation est seulement offerte en anglais.