Who are we?

At the Heart of the Caravane Philanthrope

Our history

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Our Essence



Contribute to the well-being of marginalized populations and strengthen solidarity between communities, through humanitarian and social artistic practices.


  • Right to dignity
  • Right to childhood
  • Cooperation
  • Creativity
  • Inclusiveness


  • Démocratiser les pratiques du clown humanitaire, du clown thérapeutique et du cirque social.
  • Renforcer le tissu social et la solidarité au sein de la communauté.
  • Briser l’isolement et combattre la détresse émotionnelle.
  • Offrir des espaces inclusifs et ludiques.

Notre Équipe


THAT ·  Coordination·  Artists

Our administrative counsel

Pascal-Olivier Labrecque


Community Relations Supervisor at Cogeco Quebec
Roxane Proulx St-Germain


Director of Human Resources at Point de Rue
Maude Lépine
Claude Alarie
Elvire B. Toffa
Development and Communication Officer at
Center le Pont
Guillaume Veillet
Manager of the Gambrinus microbrewery

Stella Montreuil

Co-founder of the Ciné-Campus

Our coordinating team

Guillaume Vermette
General director
Marie Veillette
Business organizer the fun
Chloé Manseau-Lafond
Administrative Officer

Annie Matteau

Social Media Volunteer
Fred Pelletier
Facilitator.rice – Therapeutic Clown component
Yann-Erick Proulx
Manager – Social Circus component
Jean Bégin-Rainville
Leader of the Solidarity Squad
John Shibley
Humanitarian Project Manager

Our team of artists

Jérôme Blanchette
Therapeutic Clown
Aive Lanoue Deslandes
Therapeutic Clown
Marie-Ève Landry
Therapeutic Clown
Marie-Pierre Petit
Therapeutic Clown
Joanie Hébert
Solidarity Squad
Christoper Legrove
Amélie Gadbois
Solidarity Squad
Rémi Beaudoin
Solidarity Squad
Eric Marleau
Solidarity Squad
Pascal Duguay Gosselin
Humanitarian Acrobat
Méliejade Tremblay Bouchard
Humanitarian Acrobat
Julia Perron
Humanitarian Acrobat
Fany Dubé
Sign language interpreter L.S.Q.